A school that is phasing out loses much more than basic programming and personnel that provide the foundation for a four-year regents diploma. A phasing-out school can no longer provide the rich, fulfilling high school experience that every young person deserves.

Your generous donation will help close the education and experience gaps by restoring the courses, teachers and counselors that the phase-out process was forced to eliminate.  Every contribution ensures fairness for every student.

Below is a menu listing the programs and specialists
Partnership For Student Advocacy is seeking to fund for Christopher Columbus High School:

PFSA menu Thank you for supporting the education that our next generation deserves.

Thank you for your tax-deductible contribution.  You will receive confirmation from PFSA.  Please Note: Urban Dove is the fiscal sponsor for Partnership For Student Advocacy; therefore, your confirmation/receipt will reference Urban Dove. Be assured that all donations to Partnership For Student Advocacy are directed to programming for students still enrolled at Christopher Columbus High School.

If you have any questions about giving online or would like further information, please contact Kelsey at [email protected].